Pray With Us

Our Prayer life is central to the life of the community. Engaging in the daily offices means that we are willing to commit to the repetitive rhythm of prayer. The offices mostly consist of the recitation of psalms, reading of scripture, confession, and prayers.

Join Us For Worship

The Sacrament of the celebration of the Holy Eucharist is our central act of worship as members of the people of God. It is in the Eucharist that our worship of God finds its fullest expression. All are welcome to join us for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist on Fridays at 11:00am.

Divine Hours (in the monastery chapel)

See our EVENTS page for changes to our regular schedule that may be happening this week.


S: --
M: ---
T: 7am
W: 7am
T: 6:45am
F: 7am
S: 7am

S: --
M: --
T: 12pm
W: 11:30am at COS
Th: --
F: 11am (Holy Eucharist)
S: 12pm

S: --
M: --
T: 5:30pm
W: --
Th: 5:30pm
F: 5:30pm
S: 5:30pm

S: --
M: --
T: 8:15pm
W: --
Th: 8:15pm
F: 8:15pm
S: 8:15pm