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PRISM Restorative Justice

As a monastic community our response to the Gospel mandate of Jesus to visit those in prison has led us into ministry with the incarcerated in the Los Angeles County Jails. Not only are we monks behind bars, but we also hope to help form people to be monks behind bars as a way to use the time of incarceration as a means of intentional spiritual growth that can affect positive change.

The monks of Community of Divine Love as well as some of our Oblates and others associated with the community offer spiritual companionship with those incarcerated in the form of worship, teaching, and individual spiritual direction and pastoral care. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to be involved in our works of justice and acts of mercy in jails, one of us will be happy to speak with you. For more information about Prism Restorative Justice, visit our website at www.prismjustice.org.