Annual Pledge

Your gifts quite literally perpetuate our life and love. In this, the monks are upheld in their ministry by the generosity of those who have experienced their love and care. They are upheld by your prayers and your love, but they count on your generosity. Your generosity is like another pair of hands, given to them to do their work.

Enter the stream of love that flows from Christ and out through the hands of the monks, by  making an annual pledge.

Three-Year Pledge

The reasons to make a three-year pledge to CDL begin with the simplest and most practical: a three-year pledge helps our community not have to worry about calling, writing, doing all the institutional stuff that we otherwise need to do to survive. But, even more, a long-term gift like a three-year pledge strengthens and affirms your loving connection to our work. Such a gift is like a vow or promise, it’s something we can count on, for strength.


Remember us in your Will

All gifts, because they come out of love, never simply stop. By giving to CDL now, in any gift, your love is reaching the kind of people that you would not have a chance to reach out to yourself. When you make a gift, you enter a stream of love that takes you beyond today, beyond tomorrow.

A bequest lasts even longer, because it is not just a now gift, it is a forever gift. After you leave this world, a bequest can continue radiating love, leaving a mark of love on your life. If you want to leave a mark of love behind, there is no institution that we know of that radiates love the way CDL does.

Estate Planning Information

Your legal counsel can help you with bequest language to suit your specific wishes for CDL. If you do have specific wishes please contact us at or 626-703-4474.

If you do decide to include CDL in your will, we would find it very helpful to have a copy of that portion of your will for our records.