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Elements of Love

Love is not Envious

Each week we are focusing on one element of Paul’s exhortation to love taken from his First Letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 13:4-7). This week we are reflecting on Love is not Envious.

Envy can be a real distraction, especially in a keeping up with the Jones’ culture. We are blitzed with marketing that tempts us to be like someone else, to have what they have or even something better. Smart phones quickly become old news after they hit the market. Pressure comes for every side to have the latest and the best.

But the monastic way is a different way, a counter-cultural way. It’s the way of simplicity and one that gradually over time can help us loosen the grip of envy. In the monastery, we learn over time that being content with what we have is a path to true happiness. Envy can block us from loving freely. Paul reminds us that envy can be a real stumbling block to both giving and receiving love in full measure with no strings attached.


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