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                           "You are not alone. You are not forgotten"

                                                       Brother Dennis                               


                  As a monastic community our response to the Gospel mandate of Jesus to visit those in prison has led us

                 into ministry with those incarcerated in the California State Prisons. We hope to help people use the time

                 of incarceration as a means of intentional spiritual and personal growth that can affect positive life change.

                 Sister Greta is doing important work with our friends in the California Men's Colony (CMC) with the

               Healing Dialogue and Action (HDA) program, a 14-week journey of accountability, victim impact awareness,                      and healing. She also spends an additional day each week volunteering with the TUMI program at CMC.  

                 Written correspondence is also a vital part of our ministry. Brother Dennis corresponds regularly with

                 men and women in prison. In addition, he publishes THE JOURNEY newsletter that is currently distributed

                 to individuals in 36 different prisons and jails.           



Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a discipline that has played a part in the lives of Christians since the earliest days of the church and has its roots in the tradition of the desert fathers and mothers who were sought out for spiritual guidance. Like other Christian disciplines, it helps us to listen and discover how God might be guiding us through the Holy Spirit.

If you have questions about spiritual direction, feel free to contact us. We are happy to speak with you.

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