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Our community is equally contemplative and active. As a monastic vocation we feel God not only calls us into deeper relationship through the contemplative life in the monastery, but that we are also called to bring that life into the world in a mutually transformative way, especially with those most marginalized and in particular, those in prison. Our monastic life of prayer and contemplation informs everything we do in ministry. Given the complexity of the human condition that we encounter, it is essential to our spiritual well-being to have a stable community where we can return and revitalize being held in love and prayer.

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We pray the Divine Hours three times daily including Lauds (morning prayer) Vespers (evening prayer) and Compline (night prayer). Our daily life is framed in prayer and work (ora et labora). Our work could include tending to our practical needs as well as working on ministry projects that require our attention.


Another added element is that of Study which is important to our intellectual development. Silence is an essential element of the monastic way of life and in addition to prescribed times of absolute and extended silence, we also strive to observe quiet in all our activities as a way to foster stillness within the heart that is needed to truly listen to God. This is not to say that we ignore the need for joyful activities together at times as a way to honor balance and as a way to relax the monastic tension. We insist on having fun!

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Sister Greta is dedicated to her work with the men at California Men's Colony (CMC) as a facilitator of the Healing Dialogue and Action (HDA) program. HDA is a revolving 13-week program that helps men work through victim impact awareness and accountability as a path to healing. 


Sister Greta also volunteers one day per week in the TUMI program - a seminary studies program for  inmates at CMC.


Brother Dennis retired from in-facility prison ministry in 2020 after 17 years of in-person ministry. He now corresponds regularly with inmates exchanging hundreds of personal letters each year. 


Brother Dennis also publishes

THE JOURNEY newsletter that is currently mailed to individuals in 36 different prison and jail facilities throughout California, Arizona and beyond. Any incarcerated person can request to be put on our mailing list. If you or a friend have a loved on in prison who may want to receive THE JOURNEY just let us know. 

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We advocate for social and criminal justice concerns by taking a stance against mass incarceration, the death penalty, racism, and all forms of violence – particularly, domestic violence and gun violence. We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ sisters and brothers, and with all spiritual traditions seeking God, truth, and justice. We understand the value of our activism always be-ing informed by our contemplative intention

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