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When thinking of mindfulness, many may relate it to Buddhist practice, and we have our Buddhist sisters and brothers to thank for making mindfulness known in the wider landscape of world-wide spirituality. Mindfulness is practiced by people of various other traditions including Christianity.

Mindfulness can help us focus our attention in an intentional way that helps us to be grounded in the moment and bring an awareness of God into our everyday life. Over time, this becomes what we know as our contemplative life.

In the many personal letters and newsletters that I address to our friends living in prison, I am aware that each one is a prayer. The same is true with cards and letters to family and friends. Sweeping the floors of the monastery is best done in a mindful manner. Beholding a spring flower, watching the sun sink into the ocean, or gazing at the silent stars at night are all enriched by mindfulness.

Mindfulness does not bow to efficiency. It stands quietly in a busy world and invites us to enter into a calmer, more serene awareness of our place in all of creation. Ultimately, my life is my prayer to God. The best I can, I want to offer it with mindful awareness and love.

Brother Dennis

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