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A WORD IN LENT - Pilgrimage

The journey through Lent is in many ways a pilgrimage. The spiritual practice of pilgrimage is engrained in the human experience. Often when we think of pilgrimage we think of a journey to a geographical place. But Pilgrimage is never just about the trek to a physical destination point. It is also – and maybe even more so – about the journey within us that will take us through the terrain of the human heart and plumb the depths of the soul. Along the way we may have a sense that we are closer to our truer self and closer to God.

It is hard to venture into the depths of such a journey amid noise and agitation. It is helpful to set out on this Divine Journey from a place where we are acclimatized to stillness and peace where we can begin with our heartbeat in harmony with creation. This frees us to be led by the Divine and drawn into the mystery.

It is good also to pause from time to time to reflect on the journey and to rest in God. A daily meditation is a good way to continue to ground ourselves as we journey onward. In this space of meditative awareness, we can allow ourselves to be free from the enticement of distractions and be held in the mystery of it all, guided quietly by the Spirit.

Brother Dennis

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